Making Jabra stand out and become the world's market leader.

When we won their business in 2000, Jabra was a small player in the headset industry with less than 1% of the global market and no presence at all in UK and EMEA. Within 5 years Jabra had grown to become the world’s best selling brand of Bluetooth headsets.

Our Campaigns for Jabra

Back in 2000 it was clear that with Jabra’s modest budget we were never going to be able to compete head to head with the market leaders in above the line advertising. So we looked at their market and concentrated our efforts where they had the greatest effect on sales and market penetration – supporting resellers; distributors and retailers ­– concentrating our marketing effort where it counted, Standing Out where the decision to buy was made.

By focusing on what Jabra’s resellers needed we delivered them new sales opportunities not merely new products.

We made sure that these new sales opportunities were properly launched their features and benefits clearly presented and well pitched as relevant and important to the end users. Included in the toolkit of sales material we provided resellers was our evocative lifestyle photography, which the trade enthusiastically adopted to represent the ‘live life hand’s free’ concept we devised for Jabra.

In short we helped them create the market and provided them with the tools and products to satisfy the demand that market generated.

We applied this simple premise of giving the resellers what they needed across all the material we produced for Jabra, from packaging and user manuals, to lifestyle photography and online training, and across all markets – Europe, USA and APAC – designing and producing in 26 languages.

The Results

Within 5 years Jabra became the world’s market leader in Bluetooth headsets.

By winning the hearts and minds of the resellers Jabra was able to punch well above its weight wherever the buying decision was made – in store, online or in buyers’ guides. Jabra’s presence in the market became pre-eminent with virtually no above the line advertising spend.