Complete protection even on the move

Smart solution for Smartphones.

Smartphones are battery-powered, pocket-sized computers so they need Internet security every bit as much as a PC. We needed to get that message across on BullGuard Mobile Security’s packaging that’s been minimized to the size of a post-card. And as well as protecting your mobile phone from hackers, spyware and virus attack, BullGuard Mobile Security also lets you lock your phone or track it’s whereabouts if it’s lost or stolen. With only a small amount of rack space in store, the packaging has to work hard to stand out and find the customer’s touch-point that will encourage them to buy – protecting everything that’s important to them keeps the focus on what they treasure, not the phone itself.

Ultimate protection, 24/7

BullGuard’s latest Internet security product extends identity and social media protection from the PC to right across the Internet, protecting your personal and financial information as never before. It’s a very special product, so has to look very special too.

It’s a big story to tell, but as a revolutionary product in the market it has to look exclusive, distinctive and stand out.

How do you square that circle? Well, for stylish in-store stand out, we chose metallic gold against black with minimal front of pack copy and subtle design twists to differentiate the new product from the BullGuard range whilst keeping faith with the strong brand identity.

The pack design says, high quality, top of the range, exclusive. But BullGuard is about simple to use features that make going online safe and fun. That presents a problem with a minimalist-design pack. We got around it by designing a hinged cover that effectively doubles the selling space on the packaging, allowing us to push the benefits and show the user experience.

The client is delighted, it’s a pack design that’s big on style and big on message