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Direct Marketing - delivering a precise message to your target market

Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services. Although it’s a mass-communication technique it allows for a great degree of personalisation using digital printing or electronic delivery.

Unlike media advertising it gets you up close and personal with your target market, which makes it extremely powerful. It’s also incredibly cost effectively and its results are more measurable than using any other advertising medium. So as a way of raising awareness and generating enquiries and sales, direct marketing is a highly cost effective tool, particularly when combined with a telesales campaign.

Online or offline we can deliver direct marketing with impact and precision to hit your target market. Whether it's traditional direct mail or e-shots we write and design the direct marketing piece and manage the programme from production to distribution and follow up, including list building and reporting.

Because direct marketing can be evaluated and measured precisely we are able to analyse results to see which target market is most responsive and where their interests lie.

Campaigns can also be test marketed with sample groups to show what delivers the response rates before the main campaign is rolled out.

If you would like to improve the success of your direct marketing, direct response marketing, online marketing or e-shots please use our enquiry form, email us or call Paul Allen on 01425 651950.

Softcat Direct Mail
Taking a leaf from our own book, Softcat engaged us to design a series of personalised books that we produced and sent to their target market in a variety of sectors. The results were off the scale, access to decision makers was increased substantially and conversion rate was increased by 400%.
Red Shoot Camping Eshots
Quarterly e-shots to the Camping Park’s database in 2011 was an inexpensive way to achieve the highest number of visitors in the company’s 25 year history.

RYA Eshots

Inexpensive, and highly targeted, e-shots are a perfect direct marketing medium for regular communications with members.


We aim to be exactly what our clients need us to be – consistently creative, enthusiastic and hard-working. In short a team they can rely on. And one that is passionate about devising imaginative ways for them to achieve their objectives and stubbornly single minded about getting things done on time and on budget.


Marketing and Communications Planning

We understand how important it is that your business objectives and your marketing and communications strategies are perfectly synchronized for your business to prosper in these turbulent times. We’ll work with you to fine tune your existing marketing programmes and assist in the development of new initiatives, designed to meet your specific business objectives.


No matter how strong your business proposition, if you don’t connect with your customers with impact and relevance, your message will simply be drowned beneath the deluge of promotional material that each of us is exposed to every single day. GENERATOR is a comprehensive creative resource. We bring your commercial concepts and propositions to life with memorable copy, sharp design and visual imagery that commands attention, communicates with clarity and is remembered for longer. We cover the spectrum of media disciplines. Often working as an extension of your own organization. Always passionate about producing work that wins over the hearts, minds (and wallets) of your customers.


Offline or online, no matter how much you try to avoid it, production deadlines seem to get tighter and tighter. And nobody cares about the reason: When they need their displays for the exhibition, their reports for the presentation or their web shop for the product launch. It’s not their problem. It’s yours. With GENERATOR as your production partner, you have control of the entire process from proofing to posting, with one point of contact. We take the responsibility to get the job done to your timescales, your budget and to your satisfaction.

Print Design and Production

Ideas and design are at the heart of everything we do, but the delivery of those creative solutions is equally important. We blend our in-house skills with those of tried and tested suppliers and partners, so that whichever medium is right for the communication it’s used to best effect.

Web Design and Production

We provide a complete website service – website design, website marketing and website development. We create websites that help differentiate your organisation from the competition. And by making them look good, easy to use and highly visible to search engines, we ensure they work hard for you as part of an online marketing strategy.


Advertising is more science than art. It’s about presenting an irresistible message to a well targeted prospect at the right time and in a way which delights. It’s that simple. It can be in-store, outdoor, online, on clouds – making advertising that stands out is as much about being creative with the medium as with the message – what we do is find new ways to connect to your target market with a totally persuasive message.


Online or offline we can deliver persuasive messages with impact and precise targeting. Whether it's traditional direct mail or e-shots we manage the programme from design to distribution, including list building and reporting.

PR & Internal Communications

Well written and planned on and offline Press and Public Relations campaigns to your industry is a very cost effective way of disseminating information and raising awareness of your organisation, products and successes. We help clients develop lines of communications with editors and opinion formers that help get PR published and our clients voice regarded as authoritative. Internal Communications. Whatever you’re doing by way of internal communications, chances are it isn’t enough. Research has shown that employees who are well informed about a company’s strengths, threats, opportunities and successes are more motivated and more productive. Our internal communications not only inform, they can help change attitudes and behaviour, making planned company change faster and more sucessful.

Events and Exhibitions

Tours, Events, Shows and Exhibitions remain an effective way of meeting customers and prospects and presenting industry with your products and services. We help our clients take maximum advantage from their presence at shows and exhibitions, before, during and after the event.

Brand Identity

Design for Print




PR & Internal Communications

Events & Exhibitions